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Hourly Classical 1h 56m 107
Hourly SuperBlitz 56m 108
Hourly Crazyhouse 56m 33
Hourly Blitz 56m 96
Hourly Bullet 26m 2
Bohatyrchuk 3+0 40m 13
Duz-Khotimirsky 0+1 KotH Rated 25m 5
Grob ½+0 Rated 20m 4
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  2. New Study (beta) feature ShahenShah1 Try to use your Eyes and Common sense. Good Luck !
  3. New Study (beta) feature alansilb How do I view public studies posted by others?
  4. A rating for slower games? SycoraxCirce I think there should be a separate rating for slow games, do you agree…
  5. Crossing the 2000 rating elbarriguzi Congratz! I am aiming 2000 in all variations too!
  6. Making the analysis pane bigge… VernonHardapple I second that. Have created some studies out of annotated games, and w…
  7. Tactics Master Team Hydracentaurus Hello all, Here is just a reminder for our New Team: Tactics Master…
  8. A study I composed some years … Enrikov Very nice, I had never seen till now Stockfish missing something like …
  9. Making the analysis pane bigge… BombyBomber First of all, thank you so much for the new Study feature. It's comple…
  10. A study I composed some years … niking The lichess engine doesn't get the first move right, but once you play…
  11. Crossing the 2000 rating kiseiju well done! Good luck on your LM quest :)
  12. Crossing the 2000 rating BAPI Oh my god at last i cross with 9 game streak.Great day for me in chess…
  13. A study I composed some years … hatchet Did the engine even show you the solution? I thought it was too weak.
  14. A study I composed some years … scuffi I guessed the first move right. But I was not right about the best con…
  15. A study I composed some years … hatchet See if you can find out what the…
  16. Who to send new chess set icon… scuffi You already meet the only requirement (SVG) You could try lichess.c…
  17. Stuck Game in Progress aprentice1 I was playing a game some time ago and the lichess servers restarted. …
  18. Who to send new chess set icon… Zheru Hello, I´m in the process of designing chess pieces icons that I´d …
  19. problem on Study thibault Try using a recent version of firefox or chrome.
  20. Those that say opposite colore… Lexia On the other hand:…
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