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Hourly Bullet 25m 49
Daily Bullet 1h 1
Hourly Blitz 55m 0
Hourly SuperBlitz 50m 0
Italian Game  3+0 Rated 30m 2
Hromádka  0+1 KotH Rated 20m 2
Montuoro  2+0 Anti Rated 1h 10m 2
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  1. site suggestions from a teacher coolpant @mietk I'm using a chromebook, so everything has to be online for me. […]
  2. site suggestions from a teacher GM01 ^ That's right, agree with mietk . You have just described a chess dat […]
  3. Database of chess games Suentun It would be nice to have a browsable database of chess games and openi […]
  4. site suggestions from a teacher mietk @coolpant What you're looking for is a chess database program. Scid i […]
  5. Endgame training and simulations TheAdvocate Or perhaps instead of getting a random black/white pieces you could ge […]
  6. feature suggestion: end advant […] MouseSlip Yes please. Please analyze the position at the end of the game and of […]
  7. Question for Masters nobody47 I am not a master but I think not more than 1600.
  8. site suggestions from a teacher MoralIntentions Nice additions.
  9. explain this phenomena Toadofsky Double blunders happen to GMs, too (34... Qc2??): http://www.chessgam […]
  10. site suggestions from a teacher Horse_Badorties Ok, here are some random ideas: 1. Edit/Delete variations within t […]
  11. explain this phenomena bakunin oh, and of course i wouldn't normally _expect_ a strong opponent to ha […]
  12. explain this phenomena bakunin oh wait, that's me. just noticed that. well, for my part, i was in […]
  13. TROQN chess HSDSamalama would like it, sounds awesome :)
  14. TROQN chess soldier89_kn Let's make the site even more popular! So, the idea is this: 1. In t […]
  15. explain this phenomena Praecipua i think there are different explanations for this. one is that you […]
  16. Sound issue DVRazor After the update of the site, the problem seems to have gone. Thanks :D
  17. explain this phenomena Balkonpflanze The problem might be that if there are deviations from expected patter […]
  18. Endgame training and simulations Alberturkey Hey Lichess, Everyone knows they should train endgames but no one wa […]
  19. Lichess and Holidays rzenaikrzys I hope that it will be:) I hope that You understand my Idea of Friend […]
  20. Sound issue DVRazor I'm not sure if it's a general problem or the issue is on my side, but […]
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Improvements to Lichess - June edition

Developers had too much coffee during the last two weeks, and lichess took a big step forward.

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