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  1. Playing both sides on a free board? Bnut lichess should implement a two player mode locally! that should solve […]
  2. Is the exchange French so bad? vomere Chess is dead. I'd switch to 960 but no one plays it. It takes forever […]
  3. Is the exchange French so bad? tisnjh Something I noticed about the exchange French is that I (as black) und […]
  4. Pre move errors? vomere hello, last few games i had I couldn't move a piece to d4 or d2 someti […]
  5. Is the exchange French so bad? MsCaroKann "Fuck the french, and fuck the caro." Lol, what's wrong? :p You […]
  6. Correspondence Seek Bug jonc I still see matches for correspondence that I can't join.
  7. Is the exchange French so bad? acetaminophen Against the french and the Caro, I like to play 2.b3 and after 2.(...) […]
  8. Check highlighting mistake flugsio Can be reproduced with any FEN starting position where "Black to play" […]
  9. How To Turn The Sound On? Shouldbeworking Same for me (Firefox)
  10. Time during takeback mandeep You act like only 2 seconds are shaved off the clock during a takeback […]
  11. rematch button doesn't work SarayaSusain I am about to give up on lichess When I finish a game, the left sid […]
  12. How To Turn The Sound On? Giuk Hi, initially i've sound (yes, after clicking on button top-right), b […]
  13. Is the exchange French so bad? Dionysus_god Thank you for proving my point, chips. Fuck the french, and fuck th […]
  14. Is the exchange French so bad? eatchipss I love the French, but recently started the laying the caro cause I ha […]
  15. Is the exchange French so bad? LM F_D89 If you're having good results with a specific opening which happens to […]
  16. trouble picking up a correspondence game somebodyelse agree with that - and one point - too many ppl today - incl me - are s […]
  17. Check highlighting mistake alexnic While replaying a puzzle finished vs computer I discovered that the bl […]
  18. Playing both sides on a free board? KMagik @PigsRule But that still is an awkward workaround with playing with […]
  19. What opening is this???? Dionysus_god Much appreciated, Lightsss. I had never thought of those options!
  20. What opening is this???? LM Lightsss 3..dxc4 actually transposes to the QGA which is of course a well-respe […]
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