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 Montgomery  7+2 Rated 40m  4/10
 Goodman  0+1 Rated 30m  5/4
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  2. Game "changed" all of a sudden Patzerson Just happened at one game, "sort of twice". It may have been someth […]
  3. "Examine" mode (would be nice to have -) mandeep How do we use this feature?
  4. ChessWhiz TV: Funday Mondays ChessWhiz I'm happy to report that today's show was nice and short. :-) Havin […]
  5. Disable click and move mandeep Possible to add a preference to disable click and move? Myriads of sli […]
  6. What do you think of the Darre […] coledavis Reminds me of mourning Mark Duggan in the UK. At one point, I called t […]
  7. take-backs in rated play thibault Check this out:
  8. take-backs in rated play coledavis How about removing the take-back button from rated play? I don't like […]
  9. Arena premature resignation? Legit-Lobster Wouldn't the most simple solution be to hide the opponent's rating in […]
  10. Good books in french defence?? Bishada I would like one as well, please.
  11. محل بهترین بازی های سایت greenacutim Garry Kasparov said the same thing...
  12. ARE ALL THE 45 MILLION GAMES O […] greenacutim If so, what are you doing with it? Was wondering if guys could release […]
  13. Bullet Arena ChessWhiz The single points are only the past 20 games. Some of the points aren' […]
  14. Bullet Arena Tannenwald I just stumbled upon this tournament: […]
  15. What do you think of the Darre […] Farside Those #Ferguson looters were soooo grief stricken they had to steal a […]
  16. Time out bug mCoombes314 I get this too - a page refresh solves the problem, but it is impossib […]
  17. My perfectly accurate win zzagozz3 +1, you swapped figures until he blundered twice
  18. My perfectly accurate win iNUiT_nUNAAt My opinion of it is as follow: It's quite a boring game with very litt […]
  19. Arena premature resignation? Toadofsky I agree with BearJr and Clarkey. Perhaps redefining "hot streak" to p […]
  20. Arena premature resignation? iglookid Here's a tournament I came close to "winning", because the strong play […]
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